What You Should Know About TMJ Disorder

There are a number of things you should do if you’re interested in keeping your teeth healthy and strong. For instance, you probably know that you’ll need to visit a dentist once every six months. However, did you know that a dentist can also help you address issues such as TMJ disorder? Untreated TMJ disorder… Read more »

Don’t Let Sleep Apnea Rob You of Your Sleep

If you are having trouble getting a good night’s sleep because of breathing difficulties, you are not alone. Sleep apnea is a common sleep disorder which can affect anyone. But why does this happen? There are certain factors that can put you at higher risk of developing this disorder. Let’s take a look at just… Read more »

What’s Causing Your Jaw Pain?

Are you experiencing chronic headaches, pain in your ear, a stiff neck or trouble opening and closing your jaw? Do you hear clicking, grating, or popping noises when you bite or chew your food? Or simply when opening and closing your mouth? If so, you may be experiencing a disorder of the jaw known as TMD…. Read more »

A Mandibular Advancement Snore Guard Can Help Improve Sleep Apnea Symptoms

Every night millions of Americans struggle with snoring and breathing interruption resulting from untreated sleep apnea. Fortunately, there are a wide range of methods to help treat these symptoms and restore quality sleep and quality of life. To find the treatment that is best for you, the severity of your sleep apnea will need to… Read more »

A Few Facts About TMJ Disorder

What do you know about TMJ disorder? Do you know how you might be able to recognize the symptoms of this serious condition? Do you know what you should do about this problem? Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to recognize and address TMJ disorder. TMJD, also known as temporomandibular joint disorder,… Read more »

The Problems of Sleep Apnea

The most common form of sleep breathing disorders is called sleep apnea. Sleep apnea’s symptoms include snoring, halting breathing, and tiredness, among others. It can also lead to much more serious issues such as cardiovascular diseases and chronic sleep deprivation. Fortunately, there are several highly effective treatment options that can help you sleep better and… Read more »

Causes of Temporomandibular Joint Pain

Pain in the muscles and tissues that connect your lower jaw to your skull can be a symptom of a number of disorders called temporomandibular joint disorders, more commonly known as TMJ pain. Each of us has two temporomandibular joints, one on either side of our heads. Normally they function painlessly because everything is in… Read more »

If You Have Dentures and Struggle with Sleep Apnea, You Might Find Relief from a TSD Snore Guard

Sleep apnea is a condition affecting the soft palate and other parts of the upper respiratory system, resulting in issues with snoring and breathing interruption when you sleep. There are several different treatment options to consider, but a professional diagnosis is needed to identify the most effective one. If you are struggling with mild to… Read more »

Denture Wearers with Sleep Apnea Can Find Relief

It’s estimated by the National Sleep Foundation that over 18 million Americans experience poor quality sleep resulting from sleep apnea. Breathing interruptions and chronic snoring problems are the two most common symptoms resulting from airway obstruction from the soft palate. Medical and oral healthcare treatment options have continued to evolve. Before embracing a particular treatment… Read more »

A Mandibular Advancement Snore Guard Can Help Relieve Moderate Sleep Apnea Symptoms

Sleep apnea is a condition that afflicts millions of Americans every night. Common symptoms often include snoring, breathing interruption and overall poor quality of sleep. This is often a result of the position of the mouth allowing the soft palate to sleep toward the back of the throat. The most effective treatment method for your… Read more »